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Better aSMS Interface

My dad always complaints about the iPhone that I bought for him is rather useless phone. This time he was complaining about the iPhone can’t send SMS from a PC. I decided to find a solution for him so that he will appreciate the iPhone. After some research, a project called aSMS is just the right solution.

After installing aSMS, my iPhone now send SMS from a PC which significantly increases productivity and typing speed. But still i find that the default template that comes with aSMS looks a little too basic.

I built a new set of templates utilizing Google reader’s rounded Edge method and with some fancy AJAX support, it work just like a great piece of software. But there is big flaw that I’ve overlooked!. It ain’t gonna work without WIFI. [faints]

Morale of the day is to make sure you pay full attention and effort on the requirement study, else you will ended up a product that has no practical application.

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IPhone as Car Entertainment System

Everyday, I spent on average of 2 hours driving my girl friend to and back from office, and traffic conguestion is the number one hated event that everyone could understand. I always wanted to have a GPS device and a DVD Player in my car to solve my boredm, but those device are usually expendsive, and it doesn’t gives me that much of VALUE. Last week I came out with an brilliant idea of adding more fun to driving time.

Here is what I bought:
- FM Transmiter RM 35
- Phone holder that cost RM 15
- and IPhone

FM Transmitter Mobile Device Holder


Shave/trim one end of the head phone jack to make it fit into your IPhone.
Shave the headphone jack


Place the phone infront of your screen and plug in the audio cable.
My IPhone


Find a clear frequency 89.90Mhz, tune in and we are live!!!
FM 89.90 Live

Iphone VideoPixar on IPhoneDL.TVIPhone IPodIPhone Ipod CoverflowIPhone Google Map


[Picture On the road! (1.5mb)]


Here is a video in action!

From today onwards I’ll be watching various movie ranging from TVB, DL.TV, Revision3, MSNBC, Google TechTalk & Youtube (via Edge)! With a phone rings in, I can even put them into the super loud speakers for all my pessenger to talk conference with :D

Another worth mentioning is about Audiobooks, I spent more time then any other activity to pickup new material while driving. This includes anything from real estate investment strategy, financial planning & strategy, personal development material and some other creativity interesting podcast.

I showed to some of my friend with this setup, some commented that it makes me look cheap. Oh well, yes it does… But Hey! it works! and it works very well! ;)

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iSpreadsheet on iPhone

I always wanted to have spreadsheet on my iPhone, and I have been waiting for a long long time and it doesn’t seems anyone will develop it.

Out of the fustration, I decided to build a prototype my self with jiggyapp. Here it is! iPhone native spreadsheet app.

iSpreadsheet Screenshot

iSpreadsheet Screenshot

iSpreadsheet Screenshot

The primary motivation is to have a customizable calculator to walk around with me when I just need some financial calculator. …and Yup, it does support complicated formula expression!

Still alot of area to work with such as graphs, charts, format, style, import from MsExcel. I’ll see what I can do over the weekend.

You guys reading out there!, I like to have your comment on this little project, drop me message here!

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