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Better aSMS Interface

My dad always complaints about the iPhone that I bought for him is rather useless phone. This time he was complaining about the iPhone can’t send SMS from a PC. I decided to find a solution for him so that he will appreciate the iPhone. After some research, a project called aSMS is just the right solution.

After installing aSMS, my iPhone now send SMS from a PC which significantly increases productivity and typing speed. But still i find that the default template that comes with aSMS looks a little too basic.

I built a new set of templates utilizing Google reader’s rounded Edge method and with some fancy AJAX support, it work just like a great piece of software. But there is big flaw that I’ve overlooked!. It ain’t gonna work without WIFI. [faints]

Morale of the day is to make sure you pay full attention and effort on the requirement study, else you will ended up a product that has no practical application.

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