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Bangkok Trip 2007

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, the 22nd most populous city in the world. I’ve been to thailand last month with my family for a trip. Bangkok is a  wonderful place with un-understandable spoken and written language.

Suvarnabhumi Airport
The first thing that amazed me right after I landed in Suvarnabhumi Airport is the arrival panel. I had this unusual feeling of seeing non latin characters displaying on a LED Panel.
Thai Airport
There are many plane arriving and departing every hour, every day. This is the worlds 18th busiest airport in 2006.

Grand China Princess Hotel
 Grand China Princess Hotel
We stayed in Grand Princess China Hotel in the middle of china town, during the night, there are stalls selling foods, drinks, and tourist souviniours.


Sunset Bangkok
Beautiful Sunset of bangkok city… very unfortunate that by the time I got my camera exposure correct, the sun is gone…

Bangkok Swimming Pool
Nothing is better than a warm swimming pool above a busy city during evening!


China Town at night
Bangkok Chinatown SteetsBangkok Chinatown Steets


Bangkok Chinatown SteetsSeafood Dinner

We had our dinner at thanon phadungdao, food is tasty and nice, but the price was so so, it isn’t as cheap as I initially thought. 


Bangkok Chinatown Steets
I need some time to get used to the price tag that is 1000% inflated from Malaysia

Watson in ThaiJunk Food
Watson, a vary familiar convinience shop, familiar but feels very foriegn. All the junkfood above is made in thailand.


Bangkok Streets

A quiet corner over the thai streetsMassage Board 

Over the corners of the streets, it is a quiet and peaceful place. Massage anyone?


Temples in Bangkok


Me, my bro and my sisters

Tuk Tuk Hijack
As we walked pass, we hijacked a tuk tuk :p


ChatuchakFluffy dog
The Worlds Biggest Weekend Market, having over 9,000 booths selling practically everything under the sun, from the smallest nails, to foods, trendy fashions, antiques intricate wooden carvings, masks from far-off lands, adorable fluffy dogs, colorful fish of every hue and singing birds.

Guess what? I brought 3kg dog food from thailand, for just 50batt. 


Thai KFC and Thai McDonals

Crispy Chicken from McD
Chrispy chicken from McDonals!

Thai Fried Rice
I came all the way to bangkok just to try out thier "Thai Fried Rice", the result was a big disapointment, it taste like normal fried rice. 


City Central

Christmas is comming, shopping central are begin decorating it.

Busy Streets, Busy Traffic, Busy Trains.

Here is something interesting that is not seen in malaysia yet, arcade machine that captures your photo as a high score. no more name typing.


Other Interesting Stuff

Learning thai is no difficult job, they have 44 primary alphabets.

You’ll find Pig Pork Baby everywhere!

Bangkok air enviroment is heavily polluted, I had no idea why they build a world’s tallest control tower that cannot see more than 4 miles.

Inside the airport there are many decoration to keep travellers entertained, these are large in scale. 


What I’ve bought

I bought too much, anyone wants keychains?


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  • ricky hong · December 28, 2007 at 9:04 pm

    Bro!!! when we have a trip to Bangkok also, haha!!!
    Well u gonna be our guide then , hehe!!!

  • KiloByteS · December 28, 2007 at 10:22 pm

    Sure! lets make it erm……. 2009? Do we all have our passport ready with us ar?

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