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It has been a year since I started my interest with Flight Simulation, right now I decided to show you one of my typical daily practice of flying. I usually do it with my dual monitor, virtual cockpit, a joystick.

Today I’ll be flying with a Boeing 747-400 at MTOW, weather condition fair, winds calm, visibility greater than 10 miles. It is going to be an easy flight so that I won’t be ended up with a crash with the recording.

The recording starts on final approach, 8nm south of subang runway 32 establishing with the localizer at 3,000 feet.

As you can see, I always missed the threashold when trying to perform a smooth flare, B747 is just too heavy to control :p

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Mid Air Collision

I just stumble across this video on you-tube, and I shouted Holy Shit, This happends one in a million…. a billion…

Ãœberlingen disaster Report with Blackbox data

How could this possibly happened! Two planes collided in at FL350, Both plane are equiped with TCAS II, Both were decending at -1,800ft/m and Peter (ATC guy) was stabbed to death after the incident, holy holy crap….


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See 2D photo in 2.5D

Welcome to a world of 2.5D (did I name this correctly?), Now this is nothing new, just soft of having some fun creating a 3D Presentation of a still photo using flash.

The inspiration came from some of the documentry show on Discovery Channel, showing stills but yet 3D animated pictures. It seems that it more and more of these appearing the media. I captured the idea by cutting up pictures into blocks, laid them layer by layer, did some math on the Matrix Transformation, put them into flash… … …(you won’t wan’t to know anymore)

I have serveral version of draft that doesn’t shows up that well:
First version
Second version
3D of 2.5D Stills (2.75D LOL! stupid name)

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