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EURUSD Triangular breakout

Look at this! A classical acending triangle which indicates a breakout anytime soon! I’m talking about 8 hours ago…

Forex Triangle Breakout

Usually when I saw this, I’ll always place a buy stop and sell stop above and below the 2 triangular line, so as long as there is any breakout, I’ll expect well over 100 pips profit for the next 3-7 days.

Well what the heck, I did placed a buy stop at 1.3713 but I totally forgotton to place a sell stop at 1.3680 (why? interrupted by phone calls). Now i missed an opportunity to make some nice clean profit. May be the next thing that I could do is to re-enter during the retracement.

Alright, I placed a sell limit at 1.3630, let’s see how far it brings me to!


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