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Time to long EURUSD

Its time to long EURUSD


As you can see the resistance as became a support at 1.3520, This is a very healthy good sign for a uptrend. It’ll be a great time for a long position.

So how long will this trend last?


Well the easiest way to tell is to plot 4 lines, and prepare tighten the stoploss as the price hits the second line from the top. Probably 3-8 days who knows?

I had made 3% profit from my capital, well over 400 pips of profit :D

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EURUSD Triangular breakout

Look at this! A classical acending triangle which indicates a breakout anytime soon! I’m talking about 8 hours ago…

Forex Triangle Breakout

Usually when I saw this, I’ll always place a buy stop and sell stop above and below the 2 triangular line, so as long as there is any breakout, I’ll expect well over 100 pips profit for the next 3-7 days.

Well what the heck, I did placed a buy stop at 1.3713 but I totally forgotton to place a sell stop at 1.3680 (why? interrupted by phone calls). Now i missed an opportunity to make some nice clean profit. May be the next thing that I could do is to re-enter during the retracement.

Alright, I placed a sell limit at 1.3630, let’s see how far it brings me to!


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Back in action

Finally I’m back in action!

If you had been reading my blog from time to time must had noticed that I haven’t been posting for quite some time! Many things happens to me lately and almost screwed up all of my planning…

First off my girlfriend had dengue fever, the dengue fever wasn’t detected earlier due to the inconsistent diagnostic and poorly interpreted by the doctor from Klinik ******** at SS2. Here is a typical conversation of a visit:

Patient: Doctor, I’m not feeling well, I had a fever…
Doctor: Alright, fever, I’ll give you some fever pills….
Patient: I also have some flu…
Doctor: Ic, then you had a flu and fever… I’ll shall give you some flu pills.
Patient: Doctor, what do I get fever and flu? is there anything wrong?
Doctor: How can you ask me? You had to tell me, You are the one who get sick… What did you eat last night?
Patient: I ate this this this and that that that…..
Doctor: Then probably you had a food poisoning…
Patient: …. WTF….. I think guardian pharmacy can do better than you…..

I Had enough with all these crappy advise and switched to another clinic at Taman Megah.
Immediately the doctor identified that this was a dengue fever and she was admitted to hospital for for 5 days. I do receive some of the advise that I appreciate alot “Nothings is more important that the people you love..” I left all my business projects aside and paying 100% attention to her…

Few weeks later when I started to resume my projects, I found out that one of my dedicated server was dead for days! (I should at least check some emails!) and this incident threatening zero income for the month August and September, I had to quickly came up a plan to keep the business running or else it is going to be a game over for me!

Halfway trying to recover my business, I fallen sick (oh yea, everything comes at the right moment) another 4 days delay in my projects.
So what is so significant with 4 days? Let me put it this way, 4 days is almost 13% of the month, meaning that i’m loosing at least 10% of the income!

Well right now everythings is going back on track, Hopefully this incident did not significantly damage my comming months income.

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