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Making bean bags

Mini Home Made Bean BagsKnow one of these? I made it my self and of course with some help from my mum. I took 5 piece of recycled cloths and sew it into a pocket, fill it in with beans, seal it and I have my mini bean bags :) .


Home Made Bead BagsCutting is a mini challange, unlike cutting paper, cloths tends to get stretched while u are cutting, this cause curvy cutting which gives me some headache. Sewing a pocket is just an easy job by using the sewing machine, any kids can do it.

The difficult part is the sealing of final edge, my mum told me to sew it from the inside! what the heck? how to seal it from the inside?

Pillow Bad SealAnyway this is my first bean bag, it looks ugly, the sealing are jagged and inconsistent, there is also a leak after i finished :p



Good Sew Seal Bean Bags

And this is the best of wat i can came out with :p Don’t ya thinkg its nice and neat?

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  • cHrIstInA_YY · January 15, 2007 at 10:37 pm

    post one 4 me ? FOC? kekeke ^^

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