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Flight Simulator Startup!

I like visiting every corner of the earth,and always Google Earth on many places. Everytime i switch to the G-Force (Ctrl+G) mode, this enable to browse with aircraft navigation. It is so much fun flying under the valley of the grand canyon!!!

The truth is, it looks fun flying Google Earth, but in reality, it is fustrating to find direction in mid-air. Not long ago i discover the VOR System (a small chapter from Geo Hack Thru History video), a system that allow airplanes to find thier ways.

Now that i know how to navigate in air, I’m ready to fly a plane. I look around on my old software shelf and got my self Microsoft Flight Simulator, lets give it a try! Starts off with a thick manual, (thicker than windows XP user guide), it includes the basic ground school material and some aeronautical charts and some aircraft specification.

Flight Simulator BoxFlight Simulator Book Manual

I followed the flying lessons provided by Ms Flight Simulator, understanding to control the aircraft, reading the instrument, take off, landing, pattern, turns, and some air traffic control.

keyboard and mouse are rather difficult perform tremendous task, so I got my self a cheap o joystick, full of joy! for RM 59 bucks!

As real as it gets! Sepang and Air asia is being so detailed!

Air Asia WMKK Take off VFRAir Asia WMKK Landing VFR

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