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Google Videos

Have you ever heard of Google Video?

I heard about this service last year, but i did not pay much attention about it. It used to be an unpopular, buggy (VLC based) player and not much content (comparing with youtube).

The for the past few days i started play with this google video’s service, it offers an standalone player for people who wanna download and watch the video offline! There is alot of videos here today, here is some of my picks:

i’m gonna be addicted to is the Google Tech Talk session. There are tons of interesting technical topics to be discussed about, which i’m sure 95% people in this world may not understand to it. (i’m 5% =p) There is about 140+ of them, so it will took me about 1 year to digest them all.

About the player, hmmm……. yeap, Today Google Video Player is nice and neat. It shows thumbnails, streaming, save to harddrive and etc….blah blah blah…

BTW one cool stuff from the player is saving the video into harddrive! It saves the stream in gvi format, which equivalent to an avi file (yea, i checked the header. RIFF.. DIVx..). This means this gvi file will be backward compatible with our Windows Media Player! Playable on my HTPC!


Ok, today i watched this one, Debugging Backwards in time (took me 8 hours to complete this freaking ~60 minutes tech talk), I love Bil did this talk with his props! haha! I wish i had done that kind of presentation during my degree. He reminds me of Juan Tamariz.

Next week (may be 2) i’m gonna start posting some of my magic video, so stay tune guys!

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