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NES in java phones!

Anyone still remember the old days of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)? About 15 years back, we need one of these


to play some of these
NES Games


Then a few years back we can see NES ROM games emulators such as Nestopia, FCE Ultra. At that time i was kinda like, WOW a Nintendo on PC! Well why not, PC has alot more processing power of course.

VNES on my phoneBut today is diffrent, while i was searching for some utility for my Phone, I come across this vNes. vNes is a java based software that emulate NES rom files on a a mobile phone. So far its the fastest emulator available, they also develope a PDA version of vNes.


contra_nesPerformance are acceptable. But if you do had a slower phone, no worries, they do allow frame skip for slower phones. Another cool thing is it allows fullscreen, and screen rotate mode to suite some of the phone.


Here is the drawbacks: The Java version of the emulator does not support sound, and the colour seems very limited to like 16 colours????

Oh yah, not to forgot, this emulator only works well with devices that has at least 7 buttons, because it doesn’t works on my father’s touchscreen PDA =p.

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